Martial Art form of Pataa

Pataa was the name given to the most prevalent martial art form of lands surrounding Delhi and the Gangetic plains. `Pataa hilaana’ was a form of athletic sword fighting. The name of this martial art form may have been derived from a traditional Indian sword called `Pataa’ which was a gauntlet hilt straight sword and within the terminology of the martial art form the word pataa is used as a synonym for sword, thus it is sword play as the name suggests.


A master of this art who could swing his pataa or sword with proficient skill was said to have been capable of stopping ten swordsmen from getting near him. This art appears to have been practiced by most social groups of northern India, including service classes like weavers.

In the present day, the primary weapons used in this martial art form are a long stick or `lathi’, a short stick and a few other miscellaneous implements. The short stick can be used alone or a player can use one short stick in each hand.

Dr. Amit Pathak has been instrumental in undertaking steps for the preservation of the last proponents of this ancient martial art form in the region of Western Uttar Pradesh

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