Quotes and Thoughts

Truth exists somewhere beyond our wildest imagination.

An ideologically driven argument, however forceful, is sterile.

Peace is a mirage, conflict an inevitable unwanted reality.

Precise. Give them the intoxication of ideology, religion or brainless ritualism and see them become blind slaves of these, acting like a bunch of donkeys, goats or buffalos.

Religion and ideology are the last resort of the scoundrel ... religiosity is the very antithesis of spirituality. As for rigid ideologies like communism etc, they actually cause atrophy of the brain (intellectual collapse).

‘You can't do every silly thing you want to in life. You have to make your choices. You have to try to be happy with them.' Raymond Radington in Blacklist, season 3 episode 2.

Food security is actually the most important security, we should call it the mother of all securities. Urban India has started taking it for granted.

First consultation, then consensus and finally a decision - this is the strict democratic sequence of planning which will bring lasting positive results. All shortcuts to this will only result in short term profits and long term disasters. Hope all those in power at all levels grasp this basic reality.

While driving today evening I was listening to Saima the RJ of Purani Jeans, one of my favourite programs. The Urdu word she took up for discussion today was `Maslaha' (if I heard it right!) which means `Khuda ki marzi' Or God's will. To elaborate she said that if something happens on earth we should accept it as God's will and remember that there must be something good coming out of it. I remembered one of the most spiritual people I have ever met in my life (I have an inner dislike for godmen / godwomen of all kinds, to be spiritual one need not be religious at all). This was way back in I think 1998 or so and I told this elevated soul during a conversation that I am like his son. He in return wrote a few lines on a piece of paper and gave these to me which he said was a translation of a Shloka from the Rig Veda and it meant - `hee Ishwar teri icha puri ho' or God may your will come true.
I have experienced this inner deep connect within the spirituality of all human populations, from the Pagan to the Baptised, within the deep thoughts of poets and within the crevices of the thinking minds of scientists. A unique connect which is beyond the idiocy of organised religions and the so called religious teachers of all shapes and sizes.

'The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. But time and chance happens to them all.' Michael Lonsdale or 'Papa' in movie Munich.

I rarely ever see TV serials, but followed the Pakistani serial `Larki hona gunah hae' on Zindagi channel. It was really unbelievable beautiful. Why are our Indian serials only low intelligence dumb witted buffoonery at its best. We have great writers in India too ...

Waqt ki awaaz shamsheeron ke dar se nahi dubti. Vo to zarur bolega.

'Nindak niare raakhie'. Ram ki andh bhakti se behter hae Ram ke jeevan ke har pehlu ko padhna aur samjhna.

Bharat me safed jhuth bolna gulut baat nahi mani jati, use samajhdar, tez-tarrak aur smart hona samjha jata hae.

Fast and Furious - 'So now I know your taste in cars, tell me, what about your women'. Toretto - 'It all starts with the eyes ... She's got to have those kind of eyes that can look right through the bullshit ... to the good in someone ... 20 percent angle 80 percent devil! ... Down to earth ... Ain't afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails'. Hmmmm ... stands true always 

Jub ag lag gai tab kuan khodne chule. Usse pehle Bharatvasi vo kar rahe the jo unko sabse priya hae - rajneeti ya sahi shabdon me ise kahen to kuttaghaseeti.

Personally speaking Kamaal Ataturk for me was the best and most forward looking leader of Asia of the 20th century. All others were actually nothing but slaves of their ideologies and religions.

On the COVID-19 Pandemic - A disease has come which infects only humans and no plants or animals (except those animals kept by humans for their own use). It is nothing but nature telling us what we are, and punishing us for what we have done to her. When humans become devils and their ego drives them to think that they are 'supreme', the all encompassing supreme consciousness has to show them their true value and status vis a vis this unfathomable universe.

Ek bimari jo sirf insano par asar karti hae, kisi pashu ya vraksh par nahi, mano kudrat ye buta rahi ho ki khuda kaun hae.

100 thousand stars in our own galaxy the Milky Way (Akash Ganga) ... 100 million galaxies calculated till now by science and more being added ... and nature creates the human brain with 100 million individual neurons connected by innumerable connections within it to perceive, see and analyse this unfathomable vastness stretching into the unknown. Our daily issues of life, do they really matter at all?

Some Random Thoughts and Ideas

Some Random Quotes

Sri. Aurobindo writing on 07.01.1935 - 'All religions have saved a number of souls, but none yet has been able to spiritualise mankind'.

Raymond Radington in the Blacklist - 'Religion in itself is not such a bad thing. The problem is man. He converts anything that has a tendency to turn beautiful ugly.'

'Do pal ke jeevan se ek umra churani hae' .... 'life' and 'living' defined in a few words. From the song 'ek pyar ka nagma hae'

Fast and Furious - 'What matters is here and now. Nothing else matters'

Blacklist series conversation - Q. 'Do you believe in love at first site?' A. 'Love is like an acquired taste'

'This life has a mood and momentum of its own' - Raymond Radington in The Blacklist

A thought just flashed through my mind

Love! More lines have been devoted to this single word than to any other ... it has stimulated more minds to write poetry than any other idea conceivable ... but still the most complicated and least understood of all emotions! Some definitions of 'love' from the serial Blacklist - 'love is not a feeling, it’s a choice' ... 'love is a fickle thing, a slippery thing ...'

Trillions of galaxies ..... hmmmm! It dawns on me. I am not even a particle of dust in this vast universe!!!! And I feel I am the center of the universe, the universe lives on because of me

So easy it is to criticise, how difficult it is to create! And for lap-top criticism you do not even have to face the sun or rain!

Politics of poverty ... and the toiling masses!! Gareeb rakho fir gareebi ki rajneeti karo!

The only azaadi that we really need is the azaadi for women to be able to make their own free choices and live as well as enjoy their lives without looking back over their shoulders at the castigating eyes of men, religion or ideology!

Any person who openly supports terrorists is also a terrorist. Any person who openly supports the balkanisation of India should be punished. The lives of millions of citizens are at stake here

The biggest enemy of India is ... and has been too ... the armchair intellectual!

Neurotheology ... a new word I learned today! Radiology, Neurology and Theology mixed into a futuristic combination

What are we, why are we here, how did we land up here …

200 million stars in our own galaxy the Milky Way (Akash Ganga) ... 100 million galaxies calculated till now by science and more being added (now they say the figure for number of galaxies is 2 trillion)... and nature creates the human brain with 100 million individual neurons connected by innumerable connections within it to perceive, see and analyse this unfathomable vastness stretching into the unknown. Our daily issues of life, do they really matter at all?

Sciences and social sciences are the roots of the human tree, commerce its trunk and branches, religion and spirituality its leaves. But fiction (born of imagination) - song of the bard, poem of the poet, essay of the writer, painting of the painter, statue of the sculptor are its flowers, the source of its fragrance and its beauty .

The whole spectrum of human physical and non-physical existence, all the extreme experiences of what we call 'life', merge within and are manifested through the persona of Lord Sri Krishna.

Some random ideas, some random observations

We see in US what we saw in Brexit ... the white populations have got divided into two sections at this point in history - one section which is more internationalised and thus cosmopolitan as well as attached to the modern multifocal world. And the other group, a slight majority, which is losing out economically as well as socially in this rapidly changing new world. But this is true for other populations of the world too - the conservative economically & socially marginalised majority verses a smarter more cosmopolitan minority.

India has nearly 3000 languages / dialects of Indo-European, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic and Tibeto-Burman Families ... people following all the three Semitic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) over and above the Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and myriad variants of Hindus / animistic faiths have been living here together since 1947. It has been an active democracy since it became a republic in 1950 (all other colonised nations declined into military rule or dictatorships of one form or the other after becoming free).

You can travel from Kohima to Dwarka on the same driving licence, with the same simcard, same currency and by using your voter card as the only extra ID needed. India is an amazing miracle of human co-habitation which is an example to the whole world.

Any person who wants to break this beautiful mosaic is more than an idiot; I have no words to describe him / her! Such people are not `intellectuals' actually frankly speaking they need psychiatric treatment!

I have not been able to understand till date why being a free thinking `scholar' in India means you have to actively propagate the dismemberment and Balkanisation of the Indian union, especially when it may be done on religious lines. I don't understand what type of `secularism' it is which accepts division of Indian people on religious lines ... And will these `scholars' take responsibility for the bloodshed and probable civil war that will ensue if the Indian union breaks into pieces ... will these `scholars' take responsibility if terrorists take advantage of the breakdown of the protective grid of the armed forces in such an eventuality and convert this country into another Iraq or Syria? Actually these `scholars' can bull-shit because they know that they are sitting in positions where they will never be held accountable for their idiotic judgments!

The communists are teaching us freedom of speech and the British Broadcasting Corporation is teaching Indians Hindu-Muslim unity. Oh how you can die laughing at the ironies of history

The mindset and emotional control of a journalist should be like that of a judge. A journalist cannot allow his / her judgement to waver according to his / her ideological leanings (left, right, centre or whatever) Or his / her religious orientation. Furthermore, if a journalist propagates the views of a particular political party or openly supports it (not just in print but even in public forums like Facebook), he / she ceases to be a journalist and should openly declare that he / she has left journalism and become the spokesman of that political party, like M.J. Akber.

I love the speeches of Indian leftists! ..... But behind the eloquent words woven on ideas of political correctness lie the ghettos of Jharkhand, West Bengal and Bihar, the pain of economic migrants of Kerela and the dead rotting carcasses of factories from Mumbai to Kanpur to my own city of Meerut.

It is extremely painful to see individuals who were given the best possible education by India, instead of giving back something to their people, are supporting elements who want to break India into small pieces on religious and ethnic grounds ……. as well as questioning the honesty and integrity of the Indian armed forces because of the sacrifices of whom they tread around the world as proud citizens of a sovereign democratic country.

Those who are shouting slogans to break India into pieces and their supporters should understand that India is not a simple `nation'. Nearly all `nations' of this world today are monolingual or mono-cultural or mono-religious entities. The idea of India is a direct affront to this western concept of a `nation' - thus western ideas of `nationhood', nationalism or patriotism can never ever be applied when dealing with the concept of love and respect that Indians have for their unique `nation'.

The atmosphere of political discourse in the country was so vitiated in the past few months since that award vapsi system was started by some morons and right wing idiots in reaction went wild, that even stable people are now losing control over their emotions. I am quite unstable I feel :D and so became even more unstable ha ha ha. I guess the sane voices in India should start becoming stronger and ask both the left and right fringe elements to just shut up and go back to their dingy dirty mental holes. I guess the saner voices are speaking up now

The Indian political left and their journalist supporters were the most idiotic political organisation through the past many years, destroying whole states like locusts. Now they are trying to protect themselves as the political conscience of the nation! The poverty of India today and its backwardness vis a vis rest of Asia owns a lot to them! The real leftists slogged on silently, away from slogans and banners, dedicating themselves to the service of the people of India.

India is a land for which individuals of nearly all major religions on earth have sacrificed so much in the past! It is a beautiful idea worth living and dying for. Any individual who questions the idea of India should be severely punished. But no one should be made a scapegoat and general people should never ever take recourse to violence.

Indians have some unique aspects linked to vocal inter-human interaction and this fact is now being probably understood through science .... Nearly all Indians are multilingual; in some belts like Chota Nagpur people sometimes can easily speak upto 5 languages. We have two habits of vocal communication which probably wires the brain differently - 1) Most Indians can inadvertently use sentences of different languages one after the other in the same conversation 2) Indians can use words of two or more languages simultaneously in the same sentence. An Indian listening to these conversations will not be even aware that multiple languages have been used in this fashion because this is how most Indians converse. Indians never ever attached any politics to the acceptance or non-acceptance of any language, This concept is a colonial concept borrowed from European thinkers.

The 'Voltaire quote' is not an all or none concept. If you allow bharat ki barbadi slogans by a religious secessionist group then you should allow free distribution of Bhindranvale's speeches, the abusive vitriolic of the fringe right wing sadhu / sadhvis, leaders of naxalites, SIMI, LTTE, ULFA, etc etc etc to travel and speak freely all over the country! And tomorrow if Baghdadi wants to send his representative here he should be given a 'free speech' visa. Idiots .... i cant use other words here because of civility!

All violence in a political discourse is condemnable. It is undemocratic and uncivilised. It brings us closer to animals and dehumanises the society which sees and experiences it.

Actually the right wing is always full of dumb witted idiots, we all know it. The left has some cool intelligent people but it also has some real idiotic morons within its fold. So in actuality, seeing everything after all these years, I don't put myself in either camp ever. I have seen some real wonderful people who were of the RSS etc and some great people who were from the left. My intelligence prevents me from clubbing myself with any group or section or `ism' for that matter, I can never be a sheep of a pack blindly aping or following what the rest of the pack does ....... I guess I am too wild for this mental regimentation!

Every freedom comes with a responsibility. No freedom is ever absolute, it is like you have a freedom to argue but you do not have a freedom to abuse. So it is with the freedom of speech .... it comes with tremendous responsibility. To question the deficiencies of the 'Indian system' is essential but to wow to destroy India will be an insult to millions of Indians who have died for this idea of India and who toil day and night to prevent it from degenerating into another Lebanon or Syria or Darfur!!!

The teachers and professors of JNU and DU are the ones responsible for creating an atmosphere where impressionable minds are indoctrinated to believe that every structure of the 'Indian state' is anti-people. These idiots and @×@× forget that nearly every newly free country of the world degenerated into a military or authoritarian dictatorship in its post-colonial years. In our neighbourhood we have Myanmar to the east which has come out of military dictatorship recently but where even this year 1/4 seats are reserved for military officers in uniform within its parliament. Pakistan to the west is an incomplete democracy controlled by a military which uses religion as a tool to control the masses. India is a beautiful exception but there is a section within it, which I am pained to see, is openly supporting people who want to break this unit into pieces .... which if happens will destroy the lives of millions of human beings by plunging this region into a cycle of civil strife and social breakdown.

Jo Bharat ko burbad karne ki baat kar rahe haen unhe burbad karna humari zimmedari hae!

Religion and Rituals

Shiva the destroyer of the universe as well as the creator of creation itself, the eternal lover as well as the mystic, the hermit and the ascetic, the protector of animals and slayer of evil. The embodiment of physical and mental strength through his control of the mighty Ganges and the poison held in his neck .... and finally the 'Ardhnareshwar' - the combination of man and woman as one, the final representation of the idea that we carry both man and woman within us!

Ugadi was celebrated as New Year on 14th of April this year by people of South Canara region of Karnataka. I was told by a friend that they put fruits, flowers, jewellery and a mirror on a plate and keep these in the night before. The first thing in the morning they do is look into this mirror. The mirror is a symbol of Devi but more important than this is the fact that the reflection in the mirror symbolises the idea that God is not someone sitting high in the sky on a golden throne but you yourself are a reflection of God, of the universal super-consciousness!


Terrorism operates through a complex network which operates at the following levels (in order) - 1) Ideologues ...

2) Supporters (common citizens) ...

3) Financial managers (national and international) ...

4) Tactical commanders (they dont go on field but guide from a safe hideout)

5) Foot Soldiers or `pyade' (semi-literate and illiterate poor rural boys).

Most of the time the images that we see are of the Foot Soldiers like Kasab - they are seen with guns in hand and for most people they are the `terrorists'. But we must know that they are cannon fodder, the real roots of terrorism lie higher up.

If you destroy level 3) and 4) most terrorist operations can be neutralised (as they are trying with ISIS). But the real source, is level 1) which we are nearly never able to apprehend.

As for level 2) common supporters, they enjoy the `freedom of speech' ... it is the common citizens of Punjab who destroyed terrorism in Punjab by stopping their support to it.