At the banquet with Dr Iva, Dr Amol and Dr Lalit of our dept.

Group photograph

Team of doctors

The Gastroenteroly and Pulmonology teams

The team withy support staff of JP Hospital and our department

With the Endoscope Engineer team.

With the Histopathology and Pulmonology Teams

Workship in progress

It was a 2 day Workshop held on 29th and 30th April, 2017. Cases demonstrated included EUS Cyto-gastrostomy, EUS Hepatico-gastrostomy, contrast ultrasonograpy etc.

This 8th Asia Pacific EUS and EBUS Workshop was organised by our Department of Gastroenterology, Jaswant Rai Hospital, Meerut, at J P Greens, Noida with cases being conducted at J P Hospital, Noida, visuals being telecast live to the venue of the conference.

Some of the leading stalwarts of the world in the fields of EUS and EBUS like Dr Paolo Giorgio Arcidiacano (he demonstrated contrast ultrasound on EUS), Dr Anand Sahae and Dr Marc Giovannini participated in the workshop.

The 6th International EUS Workshop 2015 was organised by our Dept. of Gastroenterology, Jaswant Rai Hospital Meerut and Dept. of Gastroenterology, JP Hospital, Noida on 15th and 16th August. The special feature of this conference, other than EUS / EBUS / US, was demonstration of techniques of Contrast Ultrasonography and the latest advances in Ultrasound Elastography.
Among the faculty we had Dr. Julio Iglasias Garcia of Spain who is the topmost authority in the world on pancreatic assessment and Dr. Anand Sahai of Canada who has given the Anand Sahai criterea by which non-calcific chronic pancreatitis is diagnosed all around the world.
The conference was organised under the aegis of Dr. Manvendra Sharma Charitable Trust named after father of Dr. Malay Sharma. 45 cases were demonstrated live and nearly

Dr. Dietrich of Germany is considered the best ultrasonologist of the world (including in my experience). It was a pleasure interacting with him and discussing with him the latest advances in abdominal ultrasonography.

With Dr Paolo Giorgio Arcidiacano demonstrated contrast ultrasound in our EUS Workshop of 2017, Dr Anand Sahae is a leading EUS exponent and had given the criteria for diagnosis of Noncalcific Chronic Pancreatitis. Dr Marc Giovannini is the best guy in non-vascular interventional radiology that I have ever seen, guess is he is the best in the world.

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