School Interactions

Delivered a lecture and interacted with students on the subject `Contribution of India’s North Eastern Region in the nation’s freedom struggle’. Gave an introduction of the seven beautiful northern Indian states of India and discussed with them the various North Eastern uprisings between 1828 and 1892.

The children of Gargi School have been coming regularly to Meerut to visit monuments in the city as well as understand various facets of its historical past.

Dainik Jagram newspaper in coordination with Meerut Subarea, Military Hospital Meerut, Meerut Race Course, CWG Meerut and other organizations organized visits of various schools of Meerut to sites that were directly linked to events of the Great Uprising of 1857. The program followed the pattern of taking a group of children of one school to one historical site, conducting eight such visits between 25th April 2023 and 7th May 2023, thus covering eight separate schools and eight separate historical sites.

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St. John's Cemetery

St. John's Cemetery, Meerut