Lectures on Indic Civilisation

Lectures `Understanding India and the Indic Civilization’

This web series is a collection of historical stories curated with a goal of introducing viewers to the evolution of great and ancient Indic Civilization, arguably the only ancient civilization surviving into modern times.

It was telecast live on FB through A Story Club History series and was hosted by author, historian & storyteller Dr. Amit Pathak. 

A Story Club History - Season 1:

S1 : E1 - Evolution of the Indic Identity in the past 10,000 years
Part 1: https://fb.watch/3nhM-2mKLj/
Part 2: https://fb.watch/3nhUfoW86I/
S1 : E2 - The Indic Cultural Identity and its Evolution

S1 : E3 - Indian Historical Progression post the 1st Urban Habitation

S1 : E4 - Ancient Indian Political Geography & how it survives today

S1 : E5 - The Dynamic and Ever Evolving Indic Religious Identity

S1 : E6 - Idea of modern India built out of its unique socio-cultural evolution and historical memory