Collection of Old Postcards

He has been collecting old postcards of Meerut, Delhi and adjoining parts of the country for a number of years. These postcards were printed in Europe from photographs taken by travelers in various parts of the country in the time frame of approximately 1910 and 1920. Thus they form a separate class of pictorial records of that time, the other being original photographs and newspaper / magazine prints. Out of the region around Delhi, the maximum number of postcards printed were those of Mussoorie, Meerut, Amballa, Agra and Roorkee.

Abu Muqbara, Meerut

Ahmed Shah Tomb, Delhi

CameL Cart

Cantt Water Tank


Feroze Shah Kotla Delhi

Ganges Canal at Roorkee

Ganges Canal Bridges

Ganges Canal

Kali Nadi Bridge

Kamboh Gate Meerut

Khairnagar Gate, Meerut

Ludlow Porter Hospital, Meerut at present Dist Hospital

Mall Road, Meerut

Meerut Cantt Railway Station 2 obverse

Meerut Cantt Railway Station Reverse

Meerut Cantt Railway Station

Meerut division in Europe Obverse

Meerut division in Europe Reverse

Nizamuddin Tomb

Nizamuddin Tomb Reverse

Old Fort, Delhi

R H A Barrack

Red Fort Deevan e Khas Obverse

Red Fort Deewan e khass Reverse

Roorkee Bazaar

Roorkee Thomson College

Sadar Bazar, Meerut Cantt

Temple at Kankhal near Haridwar